• Gilang Kumari Putra Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. HAMKA
Keywords: DG tax, tone, facebook, communication strategy


After the tax case became headline in the media, Taxation Directorate General's image is very bad. There is even movement to refuse payment of taxes facebook. It is unconcieveable if people who are members of these movement have NPWP and they all agree to stop paying taxes. The public distrust in the credibility of the institution will increase and they will start question the performance of employees. The purpose of the study are: (1) to know the image recovery efforts related to the vision and mission of the Taxation Directorate General, (2) to know the communication strategy implemented by the Public Relations Division of Taxation Directorate General in the effort of image recovery related to the vision and mission of the RI Taxation Directorate General. The research method used in this research is a comprehensive case study on various aspects of the individual, program, or situation. Case study research are specific, particular and localized. The results showed: (1) Taxation Directorate General carry out image recovery strategy in the form of socialization and publication about organizational commitment in internal reform to taxpayers, (2) Socialization is done both directly with the audience and by utilizing information and communication technology including mass media.


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